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String Trio (for violin, viola and cello)

    1. (4:07) 2. (4:29) 3. (3:21)

    * live performance of world premiere at The Manhattan School of Music (John C. Borden Auditorium) by members of the Arcata String Quartet

    * This piece was awarded first prize by New Music for Young Ensembles for their compostion competition of 1996

A Very Dove (for flute, clarinet and cello)

    1. "A Very Dove" (2:09)

    2. "Vision 1948" (4:57)

    3. "Refrain" (2:51)

    * text taken from the poems of Allen Ginsberg

    * live performance at New York University with vocalist Cheryl Marshall

Exploding Landscapes (for large chamber ensemble) (13:59)

    * live performance of world premiere by North/South Consonance (NYC)

Equilibrium (for solo violoncello) (11:30)

    * commissioned score written for and performed by Peter Boal (principal, NYC Ballet)

    * recorded by cellist Ariane Lallemond

MUSIC: Classical/Jazz Selections

I Heard A Fly Buzz When I Died (for piano and jazz soprano) (3:19)

    * text by Emily Dickinson

    * vocalist: Betina Hershey

MUSIC: Musical Theater Selections

Finding Home - a children's musical - lyrics by Betina Hershey

Selections from the unfinished musical Mistress Lydian

    1. Ellen (2:21) - lyric by Steven Rosenhaus - vocalist Michael Irizzary

    2. A Baby (3:45) - lyric by Betina Hershey - vocalist Kate Dawson

    3. How Can A Man Understand A Woman? (3:41) lyric by Pat Johnston - vocalist Michael Irizzary

    Mistress Lydian is based upon the fictional premise of a love triangle between Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau and Emerson's wife - set within the historical context of transcendentalism, slavery and pre-Civil War times.

Excerpts from Cain and Abel - a musical drama

    1. Abel's Plea (2:07)

    2. Cain's Refusal (1:25)

    3. Abel's Sacrifice (2:25)

    4. Cain's Sacrifice (2:41)

    5. Banishment of Cain (1:23)

    Cain and Abel - a musical drama is thru-composed and based on the adaptation of the same name from the book Seven miracle plays by Alexander Franklin. Franklin's adaptation in turn was made from a miracle play called The Killing of Abel. Miracle plays were Medieval plays of stories from the Bible. They were meant to teach, particularly those who were illiterate, the stories of the Old and New Testament - though their spirit was more Medieval than Biblical.

    Abel: Drew Tappon

    Cain: Brad Morgan

Other Recorded Musical Theater Selections

    1. A Sky Without Its Stars (2:15) lyric by Eddie Guttman - vocalist Richard Binder

    2. He Will Be Mine (2:13) lyric by Nita Reiter - vocalist Trish Stansfield

MUSIC: Reviews

A review from TalkinBroadway.com of the new musical Peg O' My Heart at The Irish Repertory Theater regarding the show's overture which I arranged and a piece in the second act entitled "Assembly Hall Waltz" which I composed.

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'a recording..., particularly with the strong musical direction and piano playing Eddie Guttman provides..., would be highly agreeable. The show's overture alone is a beautiful, sweeping composition and some second act incidental music ("Assembly Hall Waltz") is attractive and catchy on its own.'

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